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Closed Loop Accounting Management System

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Close Loop Accounting Management System (CLAMS) is described as a web-based application used to disseminate critical processing information to the work force and provide feedback to management that the information was received. This application allows management at any level to accurately track any critical information. It also serves as a historical database of what information was sent out, to whom, and when received. CLAMS has potential commercial application as shareware to companies using Cold Fusion Server software.

CLAMS was created as a tool to disseminate critical process information/changes to the Shuttle workforce and provides feedback to management that the information has been received. It is an Ground Ops wide system with maintenance performed at the department/group level.

The standard process for CLAMS is as follows:

  • An item is entered into the system by a user with administrative access (management or staff).

  • The item is then assigned to either groups or to select individuals, an E-mail message to each individual accompanies the assignment.

  • The user, upon reciept of the e-mail message, links directly to their 'open items' page from a link within the e-mail.

    From the open items page the user can:
    • Link to the item, if it is on line, by clicking on the item title
    • Leave themself a note for that item by selecting the 'Notes' button
    • Close the item, indicating that they have recieved that item and understand its content as it applies to them, by selecting the 'Close Item' button.

CLAMS carries the NASA case number KSC-12289.

This application was originally developed at the Kennedy Space Center
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